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in gardening and landscaping

Our CityFlor® range has been a valued and very popular assortment in gardening and landscaping for many years. CityFlor® roses come in practical 1.5-liter pots, in liners or CC containers depending on the size of the order, and smaller quantities can also be delivered by parcel service in cardboard boxes. Delivery in pots ensures that the root ball does not dry out, even during longer periods of storage. In addition, the pots are filled with a special, mineral-rich substrate that encourages the growth of many fine roots. This allows the roses to root quickly in the new soil. Direct delivery to the construction site is possible without any problems.

Advantages of the CityFlor® range:

  • particularly easy to care for
  • only one pruning per year (preferably in spring) with hedge clippers or bar mowers (should be very sharp to avoid bruising) or
  • total pruning every 2-4 years
  • No wild shoots due to ungrafted propagation, resulting in
  • uniformly compact growth and
  • suppression of unwanted weeds and plants (due to the compact growth)


in landscape planning

Climate change is causing longer dry seasons, higher average temperatures and less frequent but heavier rainfall. This brings new and significant challenges for local authorities and public developers. City residents in particular are longing for attractive green spaces. They improve the climate and people’s well-being, thereby increasing their resilience. With our CityFlor® range, all employees involved in green planning can easily plan large green spaces.


Advantages of the CityFlor® assortment:

  • compact, clearly arranged assortment of roses propagated on own roots
  • easy planning of large areas
  • exceptionally robust plants
  • plantings last for at least 10 years with low maintenance requirements
  • much lower purchase and maintenance costs than expected


in landscape architecture

Our CityFlor® roses are perfect providers of form and structure in landscape architecture. They can also act as an excellent aesthetic barrier. Even larger areas can be easily planted. The CityFlor® range enhances the appearance of many areas, such as railroad stations, golf courses, museums, private gardens, sports facilities, company premises and town halls. The CityFlor® varieties simply delight everyone. A quick glance at the colorful blossoms is simply a pleasure – even listening to the buzzing and humming of the insects. With CityFlor® roses, landscape architects can create little havens in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Advantages of CityFlor® roses

  • compact, closed growth
  • very abundant flowering until the frost
  • Attractive color changes throughout the year
  • Attractive rose hip decoration
  • important food source for insects and birds
  • ideal and versatile for innovative design


Urban development

Planting in public areas makes cities liveable and lovable. This is why urban developers are increasingly focusing on them. Project construction companies are becoming more and more involved in planning the corresponding green spaces. In times of residential densification, it is often essential to promote positive coexistence and tolerance. Greenery has been shown to increase our well-being and influence our actions and communication. Even small, diversely designed green areas contribute to improving the urban climate, but also play an important role as a central point in the social structure. Well-designed city and courtyards offer retreats and shady areas. They are essential to modern neighborhood design. The robust and richly flowering CityFlor® roses are ideal for this.

Advantages of CityFlor® roses:

  • better air
  • higher evaporation and thus lowering of the ambient temperature
  • muffled city noises
  • Climbing varieties create interesting and easy to implement foliage aisles and covered areas
  • important contribution to the cooling effect on the microclimate of inner courtyards
  • supply of fresh air
  • Positive effect on wildlife and increase in biodiversity