CityFlor Roses

CityFlor Rosen

by Rosen Tantau. Selected particularly for use in public green spaces.

The sight of blooming roses opens doors: they inspire and send a “warm welcome” to the world – whether at the entrance to a new city to be discovered, in the green spaces of a residential area or as part of a diversely landscaped park. Some roses are particularly eye-catching here: the CityFlor® roses with their unique carpet of flowers and their exceptional health.



… in landscaping

Our CityFlor® range has been a valued and very popular assortment in gardening and landscaping for many years.


… in landscape planning

Climate change is causing longer dry seasons, higher average temperatures and heavier rainfall.


… in landscape architecture

Our CityFlor® roses are perfect providers of form and structure in landscape architecture.


… in urban development

Planting in public areas keeps cities liveable and lovable.

Manifold potential uses

The exceptional hardiness of CityFlor® roses makes them ideal for countless appealing plantings, especially in cities, for example in pedestrian zones, as roadside plantings or in public spaces. The unique CityFlor® varieties delight people with their lush blooms at swimming pools, churches, cemeteries or railroad stations. Sports and golf courses or clubs are given an inviting look by the pretty roses.

Special features of CityFlor®

We propagate CityFlor® roses by cuttings in our modern propagation department. They grow on their own roots and are selected precisely for this purpose. As a rose in a 1.5 l container, they can be planted all year round without the need for piling or winter protection of the grafting site.

All CityFlor® varieties are particularly hardy and long-lasting and can easily cope with the increasingly frequent dry periods. With their taproots, they reach deeper layers of soil that still retain water when the upper layers have already dried out. On the contrary: shallow-rooted plants benefit from the fact that CityFlor® roses shade the soil and improve the microclimate and soil structure.

Thanks to their dense foliage, CityFlor® roses cover the soil very well, evaporation is reduced and a healthy microclimate is created. Falling leaves and petals are processed into valuable humus by soil-dwelling insects. This protects the surface of the soil, makes it more receptive to rainwater and sustainably improves the soil structure.

The robust foliage of our CityFlor® roses can withstand even heavy rainfall very well. Planting our roses improves the soil structure and rainfall can be absorbed directly by the soil. The excellent self-cleaning ability of the flowers allows our CityFlor® roses to shine again in fresh beauty shortly after heavy rainfall.

With their single to semi-double flowers, CityFlor® varieties provide insects with essential pollen and nectar. In the fall, the attractive rose hips provide numerous bird species with vitamin-rich food. By protecting insects, birds and other garden wildlife, a stable balance can be established between beneficial insects and harmful pests

One of our breeding goals for many years has been to ensure that our rose plants are particularly robust. Naturally, CityFlor® roses also benefit from this. With a very high life expectancy of over 10 years, the hardy varieties are an absolute investment in the future.

All CityFlor® roses are exceptionally robust and healthy. They pass the World’s toughest rose test – the ADR – with distinction. They are resistant to fungal diseases and insensitive to tough conditions such as frost or flooded soil.